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Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance.

- Confucius

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Partnerships facilitate our efforts

Who are our partners ? They are the many Canadian and Quebec organisations who work with us to advance the search for treatments and ultimately a cure for dystonia, to promote awareness and education.

The contributions of our partners come in different forms and are invaluable. Our partners give money and other valuable resources.

They help build awareness about dystonia.

They work with us to help people living with dystonia, the challenges they experience day after day. To advance and enable ever more effective treatments, in particular forms not responding to current treatments.

All our partners deserve our sincere thanks and public recognition for their tireless support, dedication and boundless generosity.


Here is one important partner...



    Dystonia Medical Research Fondation Canada Card

Dystonia Medical Research Foundation Canada (DMRFC)

Here you can obtain information on all forms of dystonia in English. The links are the following:

Dystonia Medical Research Fondation Canadawww.dystoniacanada.org         Dystonia Medical Research Fondation - Canada info@dystoniacanada.org

You will also find options for possible treatment and information on research programs underway. 

Who is DMRF Canada?   Dystonia Medical Research Foundation Canada (DMRFC) is a charitable organization duly registered and non-profit (charity 12661 6598 RR0001).


* DMRFC works in partnership with the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation in the United States and with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) to ensure the best research worldwide, and most relevant to dystonia.

Dystonia Medical Research Fondationwww.dystonia-foundation.org         Dystonia Medical Research Fondation dystonia@dystonia-foundation.org




Referrals...  Dystonia Support Web Links


Benign Essential Blepharospasm Canadian Research Foundation Inc.

The Canadian Foundation exists to extend comfort, information and assistance to those afflicted by Benign Essential Blepharospasm, Meige Syndrome and Hemifacial Spasm.

BEB Canadian Research Foundation,
telephone 1-866-890-2473

Become a partner

There are days where, in addition to the daily grind, a potential partner communicate with us - someone who wonders if our group, Dystonie-Quebec would be interested in their help and support.

If you are interested to join Dystonie-Quebec in our mission (Support, Education, Information), please contact us. We accept all contributions, whether it be advertising, money or other services.



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